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SmARTfunny: Some Things are Hard to Say

July 13, 2022

July 13th
$22.75 livestream

“Some Things are Hard to Say” by SmARTfunny & Co.

We are so proud to share our very 1st production.

Inspired by boundary-pushing NewFunny Crowd’s comedy nights at The Ship – smARTfunny asks thinkers of all sorts to share their ideas in humourous ways.

NewFunny Crowd is accountable funny: hate and bigotry are not tolerated, there is no punching down!

SmARTfunny challenges people from all walks of life to relate their powerful messages the NewFunny Crowd way, in their favourite form of expression: dance, song, story, speech, sculpture or more.

After you see “Some Things are Hard to Say” you won’t look at law, art, dance, economics, music or engineering the same way again. These performers are out to teach you a lesson and keep you laughing.

Brought to you by: Cara Hehir, Katy Warren & Alison Coffin.

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July 13, 2022