Screenplay Series with Award Winning Director, Justin Simms


Now entering it’s 11th Year, the screenplay series workshop allows three short scripts to go through the process of professional feedback on the script, and with these notes, revise these scripts, then see them come to life with professional actors.  They have the advantage of being given audience, director and actor feedback on their work before any real development happens, which is a very advantageous leg-up.

For eleven years, the screenplay series has been a wonderful way to let new and emerging artists get a better sense of the craft from start to finish and hopefully sharpen their writing skills, understand story telling from different perspectives, and also allow them to be able to receive constructive feedback with grace and use that feedback wisely.

Sponsored in part by ACTRA, this workshop is open to the public as of 1 pm this afternoon. We encourage one and all to be a part of this process and help shape future films to be produced here in Newfoundland.