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30th Festival of New Dance – Thursday October 7

October 7, 2021

Thursday October 7th, 8pm

Presented by Neighbourhood Dance Works

WAMUNZO: Nyata Nyata Danse (40 min)

Choreography, Musical Composition and Dance: Zab Maboungou
Music: Bruno Martinez, Elli Miller-Maboungou
Lighting: Pierre Lavoie
« What has not been taught to us, nor revealed, we’ve made it out own affairs » Zab Maboungou
· Neither technique, not science, no more than introspection, or even wisdom can encompass what our gestures retain says the dancer-choreographer of Wamunzo. The artist has composed a musical, pounding work according to her trademark in which the body resonates and restores its own pathways, in time, and its own energy, in space.
· An aesthetic of presence, without concession, that manifests the dynamics of solidarity through space.
· Wamunzo plays out in sequences with vivid and attentive body language. The performers, musicians and dancer transmit movement to each other like a force of life, enunciating that which is articulated in space:

Taking Breath: Naishi Wang (25 min)
Outside eye: Paul-André Fortier and Ginelle Chagnon
Dramaturgy: Francoise Hüsges and Ivy Wang
Light designer: Ivy Wang
Plastic waste. Climate change. Shortage of fossil fuels. Human consumption. Loss of biodiversity. Marine Life. These are often at the forefront in discussions regarding our impact on the environment. Even when we talk about air, we are concerned about carbon emissions and the consequences such as global warming, melting ice caps and the ozone. Seldom is clean breathable air discussed as it is. Will we run out of breathable air? Breathing -an innate action of taking in air and expelling it from the lungs. “Taking Breath” brings the subconscious to the conscious, the passive to the active; questioning how we have taken breathing and the air we breathe, for granted. The piece is a choreographic inquiry exploring the multiple facets of breathing in our lives -What is it like without breathing? What is it like with too much breathing? How does breathing affect movement? When does breathing become communication?

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Tickets $30

To purchase tickets call the box office 709-753-4531


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October 7, 2021