“Volunteering at the hall has been fantastic. I’ve seen breathtaking, heart wrenching, and hilarious shows that I might not have otherwise. I’ve met a community of warm and talented people who inspire and welcome me, and I also feel like I’m doing something good: helping support local theatre. I’ve been encouraging anyone I know who likes the theatre to volunteer, it’s such a rewarding experience.”

“I am retired and no spring chicken but I find volunteering at the Hall and being around such young, energetic people is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the volunteering opportunity.”

“I’ve been a volunteer at the LSPU Hall for about 2 years now and it’s been a wonderful experience. All of the people there are great to work with, very helpful, and you always feel like you are part of a team!  I’ve learned a lot about customer service, theatre operation, and I get to enjoy the great shows there!”

“Being a volunteer at LSPU over the years has offered me the chance to meet some lovely like-minded folks who share an appreciation for the arts. Great friendships & lovely neighbours have budded from my time at the hall.”

“I am an active volunteer in the city in many different aspects  & have found my experience at the LSPU hall for over 12 years to be very positive and rewarding. The staff & other volunteers treat me with respect and appreciation and being able to pick the dates & events makes the time there very enjoyable. The hall is my favorite venue to attend any productions and I am very happy it is part of our arts community.”

“Volunteering at the LSPU has provided me an opportunity to meet the most amazing people I might not otherwise have met.  It’s rewarding to help  RCA, in a small way, bring quality entertainment and shows to fruition.”

“The Hall is great. It has spawned so much talent since its opening . I have lived and worked in the arts all my life.My volunteer efforts in
my life have to go to something I respect.Its multi-disciplinary programs and performances  and strong professional  theatre have played a special dynamic in the community and which I have enjoyed all my life. The staff are great , the volunteers are great. new friendships happen. I love the Theatre.”