Black with pink shadow text reads, "Accessibility at the Hall" A green, pink, and white half circle are together in the bottom left corner. The background is parchment colored.
[ID: Black with pink shadow text reads, “Accessibility at the Hall” A green, pink, and white half circle are together in the bottom left corner. The background is parchment colored.] 

The LPSU Hall and RCA Theatre Company (RCAT) are committed to excellence in serving all of our patrons. We provide accessibility in the following ways:

  • Assistive Listening Systems available upon request. Funded in part by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Newfoundland & Labrador and Cultural Spaces through Canadian Heritage.


  • Live Audio Description for select shows. We partner with Power Productions to bring Live Audio Description (LAD) to one performance during an RCAT run. For those in the blind or low sighted community, this allows you to listen to a person describing the actions of a show in real time using an assisted listening device. Check out the event page for the LAD date. 


  • Designated accessible viewing areas in the theatre. (See Seat Map)



  • The LSPU Hall is happy to accept an “Attendant Pass” through the Access2 Program, for anyone accompanying a person with disabilities. Through the program, people with permanent disabilities who require a support person, carry a personalized Access 2 card with them. The card indicates to the ticket seller that the individual requires the support of an attendant. Participating venues grant one free admission for the support person while the person with the disability pays the regular admission fee. Please make sure to reserve your tickets in advance to ensure seat availability for you and your attendant.



  • RCAT provides one Relaxed Performances during each of the presentations and productions in our season.


  • A lift inside the main entrance to provide access to the theatre on the second floor. Staff and volunteers are available to assist with the operation of the lift.


  • There is a button-activated automatic door opener on the main door entering our lobby, on the door into the Cox & Palmer Second Space (where there is a bar and waiting area), and on the door to our large dressing room.


  • Contrast painting can be found throughout the building, leading up the the theatre and making steps, corners, and doorways more accessible to the low vision community.


  • A parking spot outside the front of the LSPU Hall is kept available for accessible parking.


  • Service animals are always welcome during any public events happening at the Hall. Please advise the box office when booking your seat so an appropriate seat can be booked.
Check out this video about our Accessibility Lab that we did for one of our Live Magazines: here! Thank you to the community members who joined us for this event: Josh Menchions, A Powell, Roger Head, and co-curator Paul Power.

We would like to thank Kim White, former Executive Director of Coalition of Persons with Disabilities NLPower Productions, Kathy Hawkins of Empower NL, Debbie Ryan of the CNIB-NL, and Aimee Coles and Danielle Knustgraichen of the Autism Society for their invaluable insight and advice in helping to make the LSPU Hall more accessible for performers and patrons.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our service and space more accessible and value your input. Please provide us with feedback! What can we do to improve our service? Contact Laura Williams at or August Carrigan at Thank you!