Live. Local. Creative.

St John’s is one of the most creative cities in Canada. And for decades, the Hall has been the beating heart of our performing arts scene – producing culturally-significant works, and serving as a launching pad for Canadian icons like Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Andy Jones and Mark Critch.


Live helps to reinforce the excitement and relevance of performing arts. It also nods to the edgy, avant-garde nature of the programming, and the fact that we support emerging artists and new material. Specifically, theatre that cultivates, enriches and promotes the culture of NL. The audience coming to a show at The Hall are literally getting the culture as it happens – reflected back to them in a relevant, timely way.


Local is part of our DNA. One of the most iconic performance spaces in the City, it’s synonymous with some of the most recognized Newfoundland artists of our time. The Hall is literally where they cut their teeth. It’s also, quite literally, in the heart of St. John’s. It’s the place to tell and hear our own authentic stories. As told by the artists who live and breathe them. No other place can claim that.


We are driven by the creative pursuit vs. the bottom line. We are open to new works and new voices that challenge the status quo. We are supportive of fresh and innovative performances that reflect who we are as a people. We encourage bravery, risk-taking, and pushing the envelope. We welcome new and exciting ideas. We’ll even take the weird ones. We know that Newfoundlanders are inherently creative people. And we go out of our way to welcome, foster, and celebrate that creativity in our artists and productions.

Immaculately maintained, LSPU Hall is the perfect venue for your next show, symposium, book reading or business meeting.

The LSPU Hall houses:

For rental and booking inquiries, please email our Operations Manager at or 753-4531 ext 207.