Photo of the cast of Seal Slippers in 80s costumes, holding magic wands at the camera.

We are extremely grateful to our extended family of Members. As an artist run performing arts organization, our members are crucial to the ongoing development and decisions of the company.

For only $20 a year our members can avail of the many member benefits we offer:

  • You receive our bi-weekly E- Newsletter to keep up to date with all our latest news, job posting and events.
  • You have a vote at our Annual General Meeting and Special Meetings.
  • You can participate as a Board or Committee member.
  • You are the first to learn of workshops and special events and can participate at a discounted RCA membership price.

You can become a member by:

  • Calling us at 753-4531 to process your membership application over the phone.
  • Download and print the Membership Registration Form, and include your $20 yearly membership fee.
  • Come to the Hall during office hours (9-5 Monday to Friday) to buy your membership in person.

If you have any questions about our membership and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact our General Manager at