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Our 2023-24 Season (Supper Club, Penning the Carol, The Heart Play, Between Breaths, Tamasha-O-Tamasha)

Our 2022-23 Season (Altar National Tour, Birthday Balloon, Penning The Carol, Live Magazine, Solastalgia, Eli And The Death Curse, Rig, Return to Planet Phlegm!, Don’t Give Up On Me Dad)

Our 2021-22 Season (Altar, Supper Club, The Kraken and The Brass Button Man, Muskrat Dreams: A Love Story, Home In Three Plays, motherskin)

Our 2020-21 Season (Red Phone, Three Tales of Terror, Live Magazine!, Penning the Carol, Red Phone)

Our 2019-20 Season (Seal Slippers: A Hall Family Panto, Crippled, I Am A Genius Does Anyone Here Know Me?, The Tales of Dwipa, Live Magazine!)

Our 2018-19 Season (Men of Misfortune, Offensive to Some, Charlie: Son of Man, Squawk, The Hall Presents A Musical Fundraiser)

Our 2017-18 Season (Dedication, Tangly: A Hall Family Panto, Baker’s Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets, Fake Nerd Girl, Almost Baymous, Karaoke with Jody Richardson: A Fundraiser for the LSPU Hall)

Our 2016-17 Season (If A Place Could Be Made, Drinking Again, Live Magazine, Crackerberry, Constellations, Landline)

Our 2015-16 Season (Habib’s Unforgettable All Night House Party)