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Nickel Independent Film Festival – Thursday, June 16 at 9:30pm

June 16

Presented by NIFCO

The majority of the Nickels’ festival screenings will be available to watch both in person at the LSPU Hall or online on demand. Both methods will follow the same schedule. For example, the Horror Night screening will take place in person at the LSPU Hall on Thursday at 9:30pm, and that screening will also become available to watch on demand online at that time.


All in-person screenings will take place on the main stage at the LSPU Hall at 3 Victoria Street, St. John’s. Because space is limited we recommend booking your seats in advance, and you can do that by phone at 709-753-4531 or online. Tickets are pay-what-you-can. Any amount is appreciated to help us with filmmaker screening fees and other festival expenses. If you purchase tickets online for in-person shows, there are designated Pay-What-You-Can-Amounts in increments of $5. If you call in or come in person to buy tickets, you can indicate how much you wish to pay regardless of the online increments. 

Film Descriptions for Thursday at 9:30pm

Initially conceived for the Seven Deadly Sins Fundraiser in Minnesota, this film recognizes that accusations of greed have long been used to hold women back. But what if women actually took everything they wanted and did what they pleased? Director: Amber Danger Johnson • USA • 4 mins

L’Entente Cordiale
A couple joins their landlords for dinner to discuss the annual rent increase. It does not go well. Director: Gautier Piton, Clément Douillet • Quebec • 11 mins

Thumbs Up
A high-strung reporter, hot on the tail of a rampaging murderer, returns home to find his partner hosting some old friends. He’s already started to unravel, leaning on alcohol to calm himself, but as the gathering gets bigger, and louder, while he gets drunker, things get terribly out of hand. Director: Mike Simms • Newfoundland and Labrador • 13 mins

A man with the ability to foresee impending death contemplates the effect it has on his own life.
Director: Veronica Dymond • Producer: Veronica Dymond & Brandon Hillier • Newfoundland and Labrador • 4 mins

Three Things We Won’t Talk About
A woman comes to realise she has compromised her own wellbeing for her crumbling relationship — and with dark consequences. Director: Jessie Craig Roche • Canada/UK • 8 mins

Secret Santa
Robin is Santa’s biggest fan. Robin hitches a ride to the North Pole. Robin finds out that meeting one’s heroes can be apocalyptic. Robin learns the real meaning of Christmas. Warning: This film is not recommended for anyone who believes in Santa Claus. Director: Lynn Kristmanson • Producer: Lynn Kristmanson & Andrew Loman • Newfoundland and Labrador • 10 mins

In The Shadows
Newly separated, Melanie takes her son and heads to her mom’s house for the weekend. In the shadows, a creature in search of fresh flesh lies in wait for them, studying them and looking for the perfect moment to lure them into its lair. Director: David Émond-Ferrat • Quebec • 13 mins

That Halloween
On October 31, 1955, June and Frank Marsters met their grisly end when an escaped killer — known as the Willow Woods Wolfman — broke into their home. In the decades since, the night has become the stuff of local legend. But what really happened That Halloween? Director/Writer: Mike Hickey • Producer: Christian Davis • Newfoundland and Labrador • 13 mins

In Nazi-occupied Prague, a group of German soldiers search for a fugitive rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue, unaware of the horror that awaits. Director: Ryan Cauchi • Australia • 5 mins

Mummering Legends
An elderly woman recounts a story from 1927 to illustrate the disturbing history of mummering in Newfoundland: A woman who witnesses a murder in the middle of the night flees into the pitch-black woods to evade capture by the mysterious killers who know that she saw them. Struggling through the nearly impenetrable forest, her pursuers and pure terror drive her onward as a darker truth comes to light. Director: Shane Mills • Writer: Francois Van Zyl • Producer: Christian Davis • Newfoundland and Labrador • 13 mins


June 16


Nickel Independent Film Festival


The LSPU Hall
3 Victoria Street
St. John's, NL Canada
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