[ID: A picture of the lift in the Hall. The grey door is closed and has a colorful sign taped to it. The sign is too small to read. The number 1 is in the middle of the door next to the long narrow window in the door.]

[ID: A picture of the lift in the Hall. The grey door is opened and the light is on. You can see wooden paneling and a black rubber mat on the floor.]

[ID: A picture of buttons inside the lift. There are three silver ones and one red one. A blue sign is to the right but is too small to read. A small red screens indicates the floor number 1.]


The lift at the Hall goes between the first and second floor. The button to move the lift must be held the entire time or the lift will stop. A volunteer will assist you in the lift for this reason.

The door of the lift is on a timer. When you press the button outside the lift the door will click and swing open. The door will stay open for about 30 seconds and then close  by itself. Once it closes the volunteer will press the button inside the lift, the door will lock with a click and the lift will begin to move upwards. 

The floor near the lift has warped over time and sometimes the door gets stuck. If this happens please notify the box office attendant if they have not noticed themselves. They will gently push the door and it will close on its own. If we force the door closed before it is ready we could break the lift. Please err on the side of caution and let a staff member deal with it.