Don’t Give Up On Me, Dad Dates!


Date              Time            Price                           Special Performance

May 31           8 pm             Pick Your Price
June 1             8 pm            Regular Price
June 2             8pm             Regular Price
June 3             8 pm            Regular Price
June 4             2 pm            Regular Price          Relaxed Performance
June 5           No Show
June 6             8 pm             Pick Your Price
June 7            8 pm              Pick Your Price
June 8            8 pm             Regular Price    This performance will be filmed. Please see below for details.
June 9            8 pm             Regular Price
June 10         8 pm             Regular Price        Live Stream + Live Audio Description Available
June 11         2 pm              Regular Price 


The June 8th performance of Don’t Give Up on Me, Dad will be filmed. Depending on your seat selection, you may appear in this production.
If you do not wish to be filmed on camera, please identify yourself to the filmmakers or crew.
Subject to the above, all individuals in this area implicitly consent to the use of their image, their voice or their likeness, without compensation, in the National Film Board of Canada and Odd Sock Films coproduction currently entitled: I WILL NOT FORGET YOU and release the National Film Board of Canada and Odd Sock Films from any liability in connection with such usage. This production will be distributed in all media now known or hereafter devised, in the world and in perpetuity. Your cooperation is appreciated.