Expression of Interest for the Programming Advisory Committee

RCA Theatre Company (RCAT), the Hall’s in house theatre company, provides resources and a supportive environment for the production and promotion of theatre in St. John’s and throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Decisions concerning the programming of Resource Centre for the Arts is the responsibility of the Artistic Animateur with the support of an advisory cabinet called the Programming Advisory Committee (PAC).  

As a member of the Programming Advisory Committee, you play an important role in planning upcoming Seasons at RCAT by supporting the vision for the Theatre Company as articulated by the Artistic Animateur and expressed through a variety of programming initiatives including Production, Presentation, Development and other forms of artistic creation and dissemination.  Your perspective as an artist in our community is vital to these processes. 

Resource Centre for the Arts is committed to gender equity and inclusion and encourage submissions from BIPOC communities, deaf artists, disability-identified artists, as well as those who identify with the 2SLGTBQIA+ community.

Deadline for the call for expressions of interest is February 16th at 5pm. 

Guidelines for RCA Theatre Programming Advisory Committee: 


  • The Programming Advisory Committee will be comprised of four members, to be chosen by the board in concert with the Artistic Animateur. 
  • Anyone from the membership can put their name forward to be considered or respond to a call for expressions of interest to the wider community (and purchase a membership to join the PAC if invited).  
  • Prospective Members need not be based in NL, but they must have a strong understanding of the local milieu and the work of RCAT.  
  • In this process, representatives for RCA/RCAT will make every effort to reflect the diverse makeup of the community in the composition of the PAC. 
  • Each member of the PAC will receive Guidelines, Submission Policy and a current list of submissions

Term Limits and Carry Forward: 

  • The committee sits for two years. 
  • At the end of two years the committee is dissolved. At this time, one member of the committee from the board and one committee member from the community may be carried forward, to a maximum of two terms (4 years) per committee member.  

Conflict of Interest: 

Resource Centre for the Arts has a conflict-of-interest policy that guides its organizational governance. RCAT recognizes that conflicts of interest may arise when we ask those active in the Arts Community to assess competing submissions. We value your expertise and trust your impartiality as a member of the Programming Advisory Committee. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and transparent atmosphere for the committee to function within, though we recognize that a conflict may arise. Here are some examples of a conflict of interest within the Programming Committee Structure: 

  • If you would like to submit as an individual artist to RCAT for development or Production in an Upcoming season 
  • If you are associated with a production or group of artists/company and are confirmed upon submission 

These conflicts will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. You may be asked to leave the room or may be able to contribute to the conversation on a limited basis. If you perceive a potential conflict of interest, please let us know. 


  • The Programming Advisory Committee is a discussion based, nonvoting body. 
  • Members are asked to familiarize themselves with existing submissions, as well as those that come in throughout the season. 
  • Please consider our mission and mandate (at the top of this document) in all discussions. This means consideration of RCAT’s place in the community (to produce professional theatre that reflects our community and provides a challenge for the artists working it.)  NL-based writers have priority, but we can look at work from outside the province as well. New works and development of new plays are of high priority. We welcome diverse approaches to creation, including single author, collective or devised, movement based theatrical works and more. We often program works for Young Audiences alongside regular season activities.  
  • Members are welcome to bring suggestions of works they’ve seen or know about to the PAC for discussion. The committee members’ varying perspectives on what is being generated in the community and beyond will support the ongoing work of community animation that lies at the heart of RCAT.


  • The Programming Committee will meet at least once per year, but more as is deemed necessary around core funding application and other deadlines. 
  • You may be invited to attend table reads or to productions that are currently submitted at RCAT, or have the potential to be programmed or presented in an upcoming season. 
  • A link to the submissions dropbox will be available to committee members to familiarize themselves with current submissions. 
All discussions and correspondence of this committee is considered confidential.

Please direct all expressions of interest and any questions to