Volume #7 Issue #15

November 4, 2019

Curated by Santiago Guzmán

Santiago Guzmán is a theatre and filmmaker originally from Mexico City, now based in St. John’s, NL. He holds a BFA in Theatre from Memorial University, Grenfell Campus. Santiago has worked with White Rooster Theatre, Rising Tide Theatre, Shakespeare By The Sea Festival, Blue Pinion Films, The Nickel Independent Film Festival, and CNA Digital Filmmaking. It is in Santiago’s keen interest to promote diversity onstage and onscreen, to encourage folks with diverse backgrounds to share their talents and stories with the arts community in Newfoundland and Labrador, but most importantly exhort Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to see their homeland with a diverse perspective. He is the Artistic Director of the newly created TODOS Productions: Theatre and Film for All, an organization that seeks to promote, produce, and support work of under-represented artists in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Featured Artists:

Mallory Fisher

Mallory Fisher is a theatre maker and gin drinker from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. She has spent the last ten years making theatre in Boston, Toronto, and Newfoundland. In Newfoundland, she has spent four seasons with Rising Tide Theatre, and performed with Spirit of NL, Theatre St. John’s and Persistence Theatre. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from the Boston Conservatory and an MFA in Theatre Performance Creation from York University. She is the associate producer of Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland. 

Meghan Greeley

Meghan Greeley is a queer writer, performer, and director from Corner Brook, NL. She holds a BFA in Theatre (Acting) from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. Past playwriting credits include: The Cut of It (commissioned by White Rooster Theatre, premiering at the LSPU Hall in November 2019), To the Girls (commissioned by the Stephenville Theatre Festival, anticipated performance in 2020), The Blue Castle (commissioned by Rising Tide Theatre, premiered in 2018), Hunger (White Rooster, premiered in 2015 and remounted for a 2019 Newfoundland provincial tour), Jawbone (created through Nightwood Theatre’s “Write From the Hip” program, 2018; scheduled for a workshop production in May 2020 at the Shakeup Festival with Downstage Theatre Society in Calgary), China (created while in residence at Tarragon through its Playwrights Unit, 2017; ) Kingdom (White Rooster
Theatre, 2012–2013; CONTRA, 2016). Greeley made her directing debut with Santiago Guzmán’s Altar as part of the St. John’s Short Play Festival.

Eda Kumquat

Eda Kumquat is simultaneously a sweetheart and sour puss. She’s so sugary sweet that she’ll give you a cavity today and Diabetes tomorrow. She’s the kind of sour that makes your eyes bulge in excitement, lips pucker in adulation, and tongue bleed from gross overindulgence. She’s a member of the Phlegm Fatales drag collective, your reigning Queen of the Night, and whets your whistle in ways that Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking never could. Bone apple teeth!

Elizabeth Hicks

Elizabeth Hicks is an actor, writer, and filmmaker from Carbonear, NL. She holds a MA in English from Memorial University. Elizabeth has performed most recently in I’m Just a Girl at St. John’s Shorts, various shows at Rising Tide Theatre, Squawk with RCAT, and at sketch comedy festivals in Toronto, Chicago, and New York.

Robyn Vivian

Robyn Vivian is an actor and writer from Marystown, NL. She holds a BFA in theatre (acting) from Memorial University. Past credits include Neena in The Tales of Dwipa with White Rooster Theatre, Viola in Twelfth Night with Theatre at Grenfell, and Ellie in Drinking Again with RCAT. Robyn staged her first one-act play as a writer and director, SNATCH, in a presentation in Corner Brook in November 2018, and remounted it in its finished form at the St. John’s Shorts 2019 Short Play Festival in September. She is currently in the process of writing her second script for stage, Deeper, and has begun research for her third, Lights Out.

Fionn Shea

Fionn Shea is an actor and writer from New Hampshire, and a landed immigrant in Newfoundland. His background in the arts has ranged from Shakespearian theatre to studying the Graham dance technique; his most recent work includes Invictus (writer & performer) which debuted at the St. John’s Short Play Festival (2019) and TransVersing (writer & performer) with Artistic Fraud (2017-) Fionn is completing a BA Honors degree in English at Memorial University.

Twinkle Kaur

Twinkle Kaur is in her second year of university, doing bachelors of science. She’s originally from India but was born and raised in Italy. She spent her childhood and early teenage there. Bhangra is really close to her. Whenever she feels stressed or sad, she dances; it’s her get away from the world😂. She has performed before in high school with her sister and a friend. Twinkle has also also worked on some choreographies. Her teachers and principal encouraged them to do more things like this. Akash and Twinkle are doing this special performance because it makes them happy and it will help them gain more experience.

Akashdeep Singh

Akashdeep Singh is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Memorial University, Newfoundland and Labrador. He is originally from Punjab, India, but has been in Newfoundland for a little over a year. His hobbies are cricket and dancing. He was previously been on the LSPU Hall stage during the run of The Boor (St. John’s Short Play Festival), directed by Azal Dosanjh.