The Resource Centre for the Arts/ LSPU Hall

are excited to have been chosen as one of the 2017 recipient charities for the

Smiling Land Foundation’s Rockin’ Big Give 2017!


On March 31, 2017, the Smiling Land Foundation will host the latest Rockin’ Big Give in Toronto, live at The Concert Hall, with a night of music from Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies and culinary delights from Celebrity Guest Chef Todd Perrin of Mallard Cottage.

The Resource Centre for the Arts/LSPU Hall are excited to have been chosen as recipients for this year’s event. Chair of the RCA Board, Berni Stapleton says, “Being one of the fortunate recipients of the Rockin’ Big Give is really rocking our world at Resource Centre for the Arts. It’s a huge and unprecedented shot in the arm toward the long term goals and stability of our organization.”

Sponsorship and ticket information for the Rockin’ Big Give is available online at

Click here for the RCA/LSPU Hall Press Release

Two minute promotional video for the Rockin’ Big Give featuring Mark Critch, Alan Doyle, and Allan Hawco:

One minute version of the video:

Another promotional video from Mark Critch, Allan Hawco, and Alan Doyle.

Mallard Cottage’s Chef/Proprietor Todd Perrin will be cooking up culinary delights for the Rockin’ Big Give in Toronto at the Concert Hall on March 31st. Get your tickets:

Rick Mercer promotes the Rockin’ Big Give from the desk of the Rick Mercer Report.

“It’s an amazing night in support of two excellent causes including the Resource Centre for the Arts/LSPU Hall. Now that is the theatre where I got my start. That is the place that transformed me from an angry young man to the angry older man I am today.”

Jonny Harris wants you to go to the Rockin’ Big Give!

“This year, it’s for the LSPU Hall theatre in St. John’s which is where myself and a lot of Newfoundland entertainers got their start and continue to use until this day.”

Sue Kent is helping to spread the word about the Rockin’ Big Give!