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Our 2017-18 Season

Karaoke with Jody Richardson, a fundraiser for the LSPU Hall! (May 2018)

John Sheehan at Karaoke Fundraiser. Jody Richardson and Nicole Rousseau at Karaoke Fundraiser. pic 3

Audience Feedback:

“Simply amazing night! This was karaoke on steroids! Jodie Richardson was the best host possible (as always!). And the talent? Off the charts! My throat is sore from singing and my belly aches from laughing! Can’t wait for the next one!” 

“Everything was so well organized. It was like a really classy kitchen party, with all of the fantastic food. You all sang so beautifully and you all looked so beautiful. The whole thing made me feel really good. I am retired and no spring chicken but I find volunteering at the Hall and being around such young, energetic people is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the volunteering opportunity.” 

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Halfhandsome’s Almost Baymous (March 2018)

Halfhandsome's Almost Baymous Halfhandsome's Almost Baymous Halfhandsome's Almost Baymous

Audience Feedback:

“Seriously can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard. Spot on idea of what it is to be young in Newfoundland right now.”

“Local comedy show does not disappoint. I was impressed by the quality of the show, the screech in is the best screech in I ever saw. I enjoyed the satirical look at everyday life and the tie into NL specific things like Purity factory and the golden cracker. It was very well done and the cast are very talented.”

“Top shelf performance, with all performers appearing delivered a strong performance. Witty and full of great humour.”

“I loved all the sketches and the fact that they touched on “darker” subjects with humor.”

“The show was amazing! so much talent. So funny even better than expected!!!”

“Funny, raunchy, and brilliant. So good to see the hall filled with such energy and laughter.”

In the Media:

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Fake Nerd Girl (February 2018)

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Audience Feedback:

“Extremely ridiculous & powerful!!”

“I saw this last night and it was good and highly dorky and everyone laughed out loud… and I (maybe) teared up twice. And at least one nerd-reference for every type of fan. It’s playing tonight at 8 and there is a matinee on Saturday. Funny and entertaining for pretty much every age of nerd. Super inclusive. go! support the arts and the comedy of loving comics!”

“Fake Nerd Girl at @RCAatLSPUHall was absolutely phenomenal. It felt like my story was being told. And, honestly, I got all misty eyed at the end. Everyone should go see it before it finishes its run!”

Student Feedback:

“I saw the play earlier today with the school and I thought it was really good and well thought out. It was great.”

In the Media:

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Baker’s Dozen: 12 Angry Puppets (January 2018)

12puppetsDSC07579  12puppetsDSC07361 12puppetsDSC07567

Audience Feedback:

“Baker’s Dozen was an insightful and highly entertaining adaption of the classic 1950s film Twelve Angry Men. Written and performed by the incredibly energetic, creative, and talented Adam Francis Proulx, it was a great night out!”

“Phenomenal performance. Social commentary wrapped in an hilarious package. Loved it…recommended it!”

“The show was fun and accessible. Adam is a skilled character performer and infectiously likeable.”

“The versatility of the performer was amazing. The minimal changes of eyes, nose, hair, etc., created quite different and believable characters. An interesting analysis of prejudice and bias based on superficial characteristics.”

“Totally enjoyed the show. The presenter brought life to each character puppet and he himself was comical in his facial expression and comments. Worth going to see!”

“I thought the show was great (and very affordable!). It was so unique – unlike anything I have ever seen before. The performer was super captivating, entertaining and above all, talented. I thought LSPU was the perfect venue for such a show.”

In the Media:

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RCA Theatre Company Presents Tangly: A Holiday Panto by Rory Lambert

25440066_10154873957861207_7755582172669018419_o  25398257_10154873958376207_6116835813908549327_o  25542535_10154873958461207_5656511479643210949_o

Audience Feedback:

“I want to come back again & again!”

“My favourite part was the horse. It was so silly. And the monster in the woods when you couldn’t find him. And the big magic scissors. It was SO BIG!”

“An amazing production that was enjoyed by the children and parents. Hopefully this will become a Christmas tradition for our family. We loved the NL content.”

“A wonderful, laugh-filled evening for the whole family in an intimate atmosphere. Paul Wilson in drag was worth the price of admission alone!!!”

The World Premiere of Dedication by Edward Riche

dedicationIMG_3171 dedicationIMG_3272 dedicationIMG_3460 dedicationIMG_3547

Audience Feedback:

“Great acting. Wonderful setting. Unobtrusive directing. Writing that let’s everyone have their say, without ever making the answers easy.”

“The show / play was exceptionally well presented. A strong effort should be made to expose young Newfoundlanders to plays that tell the truth about our often tragic history.”

“Dedication gives us a new critical view when considering Newfoundland’s role in WW1”

“It was a well crafted story, well written script and the acting was superb. We walked out have great conversation about the play. It is successful when it provokes discussion. Highly recommend it. A way to understand our history better.”

“Dialogue was superb; set design was perfectly suited to the time; acting was excellent by all three actors; loved the small theatre atmosphere; good value for the cost of tickets; feels great to support local arts productions!”

“Strong script, excellent performances. Questioned Honour & Valour themes so common in NL commemoration of the Great War. Excellent closing line. ”

“I will never look at the War Memorial the same again after viewing this show: strong performances, brilliant set, flawless lighting, a soundscape that sets you then and there – a show that sparks dialogue about the now, and you should partake. The first of four shows in RCA’s killer season!” 

“I thought it was a great show. I thought it was well written, Haig especially, the performance was fantastic and the set was beautiful. It kept you engaged the whole time and I really enjoyed it.” 

“I was so engaged by this show, and I’ll be thinking about it for a long while to come. If you have the chance, go see it. You’ll never look at our war memorial, or indeed war or memory, the same way again.”

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