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Our 2020-21 Season


Her Closely (June 11-13, 2021)

Her Closely

Photo by Ritche Perez.

“Congratulations to the impressive producing teams of the RCA Theatre Co., SOS Series, Double Sure Theatre Co-op and Neighbourhood Dance Works for bringing this collaboration to the LSPU Hall stage.
Marie Jones has created a fascinating, somewhat abstract look at the relationship between Franz Kafka and Felice Bauer. Beautiful passages of text (some taken from letters and writings by Kafka) are illuminated by compelling projections, lighting and shadow puppet work. Director, Alex Fallis, uses all the devices at his disposal with appropriate flourish!
A big cheer to Patrick Foran and Andrya Duff for inhabiting Kafka and Felice with delicacy, humour, energy and imagination.
Thank you also to Renate Pohl, Michael Rigler, Heather Kent and Sheldon Downey…. Because this was clearly a team effort!
To you and all the rest of your team, thank you for a satisfying evening in the theatre!”

“Fantastic show! Was so great to be in that theatre I love so much again and to see an actual play.
Big congratulations to Marie, Pat and the team on a great show.”

The Telegram: Shining light through the inner world of Franz Kafka in St. John’s


The Dialysis Project (May 25, 27, 29, 2021)

The Dialysis Project

Photo by Ashley Harding.

Audience Feedback:

“This performance is a must see, unlike any show I have seen, both in person and on-line. First, it is just a great piece of theatre – powerful, honest, intimate, confronting and hugely eye-opening.”

“That was so beautiful and brave, and wise and gut wrenching and leveling, Leah. Thank you!”

“COVID has had some unexpected benefits. So glad to have had the chance to watch this show live and share it with an audience across the country. Amazing.”

The Telegram: St. John’s actor shares intimate portrait of chronic illness


Mom’s Girls Gone Wild (May 13-15, 2021)

Mom's Girls Gone Wild

Photo by Ashley Harding.

The Telegram: Don’t tell mom, but her girls are going wild in St. John’s

The Telegram: Mom’s Girls Go Wild and sell out St. John’s theatre


The LSPU Hall in the Media during COVID-19

The Telegram: LSPU Hall in St. John’s climbs out of pandemic pit, puts on play ‘Penning the Carol’

CBC: How LSPU Hall is rethinking the ways it delivers theatre


Penning the Carol (December 20-23, 2020)

Penning the Carol Poster

Audience Feedback:

“…the absolute best version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that I have ever experienced (and I have seen a lot of them). Aiden Flynn’s one-man-show called Penning the Carol is exceptional. This is pure theatre at its best, calling on all of the powers of creative invention and storytelling. Not only does Aiden Flynn convey the original Dickens tale beautifully (morphing seamlessly and masterfully from character to character in an instant), but along the way he also explores the very concept of artistic creation. It is an extremely simple idea, but it rings with profound insight. What inspires a writer to create a story, and how does the idea become the thing itself? It was deeply satisfying to experience this performance on so many levels simultaneously. And I wasn’t alone in my admiration as a patron seated behind me gasped, repeatedly, “This is so well done!””

“Awesome job and it a wonderful to be able to see Penning the Carol “face to face” again. Thank you for your efforts in making this happen!”

“It was so wonderful to get out to see live theatre. Penning was the best I’ve ever seen it performed.”

“So glad that we were able to see this show. It was spectacular.”

“Great new protocols & procedures in place! Even better to see The Hall opening back up & bringing back the encouragement of a venue for performances! Looking forward to more in 2021!!!”

“It was a great show. I think Aiden Flynn’s performance was fantastic. I saw the show once before but I think the show is becoming as distinguished with time 🙂 Thank-you!”


RCAT Presents Boca Del Lupo’s Red Phone (October 2020)







Audience Feedback:

 “#RedPhoneOnTour is such an amazing and unique theatrical experience!” 

“Very freaking cool!” 

“Did something really cool today… :)” 

“I did three scripts back-to-back in these super-cool phone booths – what an awesome, interactive, totally cool experience!!”


Ladies Who Lunch Productions’ Three Tales of Terror (Online Presentation October 2020)

The Three Tales of Terror

Audience Feedback:

“Be sure to tune in – they’re fabulous!”

“They’re Amazing! Enjoy!!!”

“Watched The Frost last night. Loved it – you are such a hidden gem and I wish everyone knew about you all!”

“Keep up the great work “Ladies Who Do Lunch” yay!!”

“What a wonderful treat! Well done! *handclap emoji*”

“This is so goooooooooood.”

In the Media:

The Telegram – St. John’s production company premiering new golden-age-style ‘Three Tales of Terror’ Halloween night